Visual Pinball Table Ratings

The following lists show ratings for Visual Pinball tables. This should give you an idea which tables people like to play. This is especially useful for people new to Visual Pinball to decide, which tables are worth to download (from a total of more than 1000 existing tables). The lists were automatically compiled from emails send by users of VPLauncher (a frontend for Visual Pinball). Due to technical reasons, you can only submit ratings from within VPLauncher. Note that the download sites has been guessed from table type and release year, so they are not always correct. Note also, that the ratings are based on subjective ratings, so don't take them too seriously.

Here are the lists:
  • Visual Pinball Table Ratings sorted by rating
  • Visual Pinball Table Ratings sorted by table name
  • Visual Pinball Table Ratings sorted by number of ratings
  • Complete list of tables sorted by table name. This list has been compiled using the VPLauncher data base.

    Number of ratings: 3492
    Number of rated tables: 1431
    These lists have been compiled automatically at 14.02.2009 by Roland Scholz.