A Most Wonderful Pinball Dream!


A few nights ago, I had a most excellent dream. Iím usually online overnight every night, but that night I was ill due to my diabetes. The details arenít important, nor the time of day, this is all about the best possible dream Iíve ever experienced.


Anyone who knows the user name tiltjlp knows that I am totally engrossed in VP, the forums, shivaSite and shivaForums, writing member profiles and even PinGame Journal articles. I make tables with two partners, and am part of two dev groups, plus working on a pair of tables on my own, and testing at least two dozen tables at any time.


So my dream wasnít so much a surprise as it was a most pleasant delight and treat. My dream was that we held a VP convention, and magically every active member was able to attend. And I assume that there were no wheelchairs needed since my leg brace was gone, and I no longer limped, or had any problem with standing and walking as far or as long as needed.


And proving the Pinball is a universal language, we all understood each other perfectly. And since this was a dream, and anything is possible in a dream, when we sat down for our seven course dinner, we were able all able to sit around the same table, all within hearing range. Of course we all dined on our most favorite foods.


Likewise, we all heard our most preferred kinds of music, at just the right volume, and all our treasured tunes. I sensed that all the old designers and backglass artists were in attendance, and although I donít recall any, Iím sure there were lectures and seminars the entire time. Iíll also assume that each of us won a prize of some sort, but mine didnít survive to see the light of awakeness.


What I do remember quite vividly is that there was every single VP table ever made, originals as well as recreations and VPM conversions. What was unique about these countless tables is that they were all the size that we play them on our computer monitors, sort of flesh and blood table-top pins brought to life. And yes, I played all my favorites.


There were even non-working models of everyoneís WIP, and Black even brought along a working version of VP7, although we wouldnít remove the plain brown wrapping paper for us to take a peek. And while we all wore name tags, there was one fellow who didnít have a name tag on, I figured it was Randy Davis, although he seemed to spend the entire time avoiding everyone.


I even met a few people who werenít really people, Duglis brought Muttley to our gathering, and there was a Dalmatian who sat by himself in a corner and quietly wagged his tail constantly, and I had no doubt who he belonged to at all. There was an endless array of highly animated cartoon characters, who I can only guess came with SteveOz. BJ was of course the life of the party, as handsome as could be.


And just before it was time to leave, I challenged Bob and Warrior to a hot game of Gobble Ball, and they really enjoyed the game, grumbling the whole time about those dang, evil holes.


But best of all, as we were all leaving, I found that I was back in my old home town, and as I walked down a familiar sloping hill in a favorite park, I happened upon an old friend I hadnít seen for thirty years. And at I began to awake, while still in a half-sleep, for once I struggled to fall back into a most wonderful dream. I can only hope Iíll be dreaming a rerun tonight, and for many nights to come.